About Us

We long to see people find hope and healing with Jesus.

The Journey
The Journey

In early 2022, we set out as a church to look to Jesus for our future. We wanted to find an answer to the question – Jesus, what do you have for CentrePoint Church? As Pastor Nathan would say, we were on a vision quest. We had 3 different meetings as a congregation. The first was in February; a prayer meeting of preparation and repentance.

In April, we spent time prayerfully asking 3 questions: Jesus, what do you love about CentrePoint? Jesus, what do you long for more of a CentrePoint? In May, we listened to one another. we as as congregation got a chance to share what we love about CentrePoint and what we long to see more of. We shared with each other how we would see CentrePoint thrive.

What emerged from these meetings was a beautiful picture of what Jesus has already been doing and what we believe He wants us to learn into the next season.

Our Purpose

Jesus Is On Mission
To redeem and restore all people to the Father’s Kingdom and return all things to His original Shalom.

We Join Jesus On His Mission
By connecting the generations in Christ-Centered community to make and equip Spirit-empowered, multiplying disciples.

Our Values

We Pursue Wholeness With The Triune God

We look to the Father for identity, purpose and provision. We look to Jesus for His leadership and direction. We teach about the Holy Spirit and pursue the filling of the Spirit for empowered living. We desire to know, encounter, and root our lives in God in all His fullness.

We Work For True Community

True Community is living so that people are noticed, known, and loved. It acknowledges that relationships can be noisy and messy but seeks to demonstrate radical love and hospitality through generosity,, trustworthiness, accountability, and sacrifice. We believe there is room at the table for everyone to experience the transforming power of Jesus.

We Connect The Generation

In the early church, young and old gathered to hear the Word and learn together. There was a recognition that all ages matter and each had gifts to bring and serve the church. e desire to connect and value each generation as extended spiritual family and minister as often as possible in settings where all can grow and serve together.

We Serve Our Neighbourhood

Jesus models for us a life of lobe demonstrated through practical service. This serving love opens doors to bring the hope and healing of Jesus into situations and circumstances. We look for opportunities to serve in Jesus' name as we join Him to our neighbors and the neighborhood where CentrePoint is located.

Our Priorities

Intentional Discipleship

The Way discipleship material is our pathway to equip the congregation to become a community of disciples who make disciples.

Integrated Community

We create opportunities for the generations to connect and grow in community.

Intergenerational Sunday Services

Our Sunday Services will engage all generations and will challenge those who attend to more active discipleship.

Neighbourhood Partnerships

We will establish and strengthen relationships with organizations focused on helping and serving those in our neighborhood.