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Our Story

We are a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church that is in the process of renewing and relaunching in Camrose, Alberta! 


Our church has had a historical presence in the city of Camrose. We have been active in the community for over 50 years. Unfortunately, in June of 2015, we considered closing our doors, as the result of decline and pastoral turnover. However, a committed group of people decided to dig in and to see the church restart as a thriving, missional ministry in the city of Camrose. We have recently relaunched as a church community. We have the chance to see new life happen, where it almost ceased to exist. We are grateful for this opportunity!  


As God is shaping our community in this season of relaunching it has become clear that we want to be used by God to serve our city, help people find community, see lives changed by Jesus, and be renewed in His image. Our story is just like the journey of following Jesus - we are a work in progress!  Here are a few notes on some specific details: 


Our Purpose: 

It is extremely important for us to be a church that our city and world would miss if we stopped existing. Are we serving? Are we making a difference? Are lives being changed?  Are our lives being changed? We are simply a community that is following Jesus together and want to make much of Him in all of life. This will lead us to continually extend grace, love, and help to others in the city of Camrose and get beyond the walls of our church building. 


Our Name: 

We have changed our name from Pleasantview Alliance Church to CentrePoint Church. We are still a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, but we wanted a name that reflected our purpose. We want Jesus to be at the center of our lives and we want to be at the center of what is happening in our city. 


Our Ministries:

One of the hardest parts of our renewal journey is desiring to be involved in everything while recognizing that we only have so much capacity - We are prayerfully desiring to create space in our church so that people can experience genuine community, grow together, and be encouraged to use our gifts and talents.

We look forward to updating our story as we see new chapters written! Hopefully you connect with our story. Who knows? Maybe you will play a part in seeing this new story unfold in the future.

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